Where Would We Be Without Team Managers?

They don’t get paid for what they do, they often toil in obscurity getting little or no credit for team success and organization. They spend countless hours on telephones booking buses and hotels, making sure all parents have registered their children with USA Hockey and paid the required fees to their organization.

It would be impossible to calculate the hours that these people put in doing all the administrative and menial tasks needed to run a team efficiently.

I am very fortunate to have a special person who performs this role for my high school hockey team – her name is Denise McCann. For any of you considering being a team manager and perhaps needing any advice on the in’s and outs of how to do so effectively, I suggest you look her up because when it comes to keeping things in order, she wrote the book on it.

From the moment I decided to take the job she has been the pillar of strength for our program. I remember her words to me that day were something to the effect of  "you just worry about coaching and I’ll take care of the rest!"

Little did I know how much that statement would ring true today. Although we often poke fun at her for her "never take no for an answer" attitude and often refer to her with one of several affectionate monickers like the pitbull or the e-mail lady, she is our team everything. She is (in no particular order): a friend, mom, fan, advocate, partner, ally – you name it.

Her husband, Paul McCann whom many of you know as the in-arena voice of the Nashville Predators and for his hockey blogs on the Eklund website, has also been a huge help to us. He also serves as our board representative and handles all our scheduling and league correspondence.

When I am on the road with the Predators the McCann’s are the ones who pick up the slack in my absence and make sure everything is under control. I know this meant a lot of extra work for both of them but they always did everything we ever needed or asked with smiles on their faces – all due to their love and devotion to our program. I could not thank them enough for all their hard work, dedication and support – not to mention their friendship.

Now before they get a big head over me singing their praises, they are not the only managers that deserves credit for being the glue that holds a team together. For some other managers I do know – the ones who manage my sons House and All Star Mite teams - Stacy Nieman, and  Kevin Ogle – thanks for all you do —  putting in those countless hours and doing such an excellent job making sure the children are comfortable and all the parents are well informed.

For those of you whom I don’t know, I also say thank you for all that you do.  
I strongly encourage all of you to make it a point before the end of the season to express the same sentiments towards your team managers as we all – parents, players and coaches alike, would be nowhere without them.

This article is in honor of ALL volunteers of minor hockey programs who devote their time so selflessly – this includes but is not limited to coaches, administrators, fundraisers, registrars and board members. May god bless you for all the good that you do for young hockey players. 

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