Center Ice Magazine’s 3rd Annual Christmas Buyers Guide
With the Christmas season right around the corner, Center Ice Magazine has some gift ideas for the hockey player in your family

For fans of NIKE/BAUER the Supreme One90 stick hit the rinks Nov. 1 and offers more power for your arsenal.

Unleash explosive one-timers and heavy slap shots with the Supreme One90 stick. This sleek blue and silver stick premiered in the 2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs and is used to help power shots by stars like Simon Gagne and Erik Cole.
For under garment comfort NIKE/BAUER introduces the Pro Triabal long sleeve top. The  "Ice Tribe" graphic is inspired by the game, for the game. The Tribal mark represents the importance of team in the world’s ultimate team sport. Wear it with pride and purpose.
Get game ready from the inside out with a layer of science between you and the game.  The Nike Pro tribal base layer is specifically engineered to keep you lighter, drier and more comfortable on or off the ice
Nike Pro Tribal long sleeve top
Pro garments fit closely to the body to support major upper body muscle groups. The snug fit reduces bulk and expands a hockey player’s range of motion enhancing performance.

Nike Dri-FIT Tribal loose short sleeve top
This high-performance micro fiber polyester fabric actually pulls sweat away from the body and transports it to the fabric surface - where it evaporates and leaves the skin cool and dry.

Nike Pro Hockey garments are made with four-way stretch Dri-FIT technology for comfortable, lightweight and breathable fabric.
This year, Easton is showing off their new innovations in stick and skate technology with their Synergy line.
Their new Stealth CNT stick is a one-piece composite that offers increased strength along with reduced weight.

Unlike other sports equipment manufacturers using partial or carbon particle materials, Easton’s CNT, powered by Zyvex’s NanoSolve, is "real" carbon nanotube technology that provides the unique combination of a significant increase in strength and weight reduction (10-15% increase in overall strength and toughness). NanoSolve uses materials engineered at the molecular level to bring strength to materials via resin reinforcement.
Easton is also addressing another major concern of those who use composite sticks: breakage.
Looking into why sticks break, Easton found that impacts on the corners of the shaft, the most vulnerable place on the stick, ultimately weaken the stick and cause breakage. The Stealth CNT uses Corner Reinforcement Technology with Kevlar as a protective layer on top of the composite. The Kevlar is redistributed from areas where it isn’t needed as much and placed on the corners of the stick. Since no material is added or removed, there is no weight variance to the stick. The redistributed Kevlar protects the corners from these impacts and shaft breakage. The extra material on the corners also provides a unique shape to the shaft, providing better control and feel.
The Stealth CNT comes in 100 and 85 flex adult models (110 flex Canada/Europe only) in six varying patterns (Iginla, Sakic, Forsberg, Lidstrom, Drury, and Heatley). The Stealth CNT features blue coloring with a black fade.

As for the skates, this year Easton is introducing the Synergy 1500C line, which offer a variety of technological innovations.  It features the Shock Doctor to absorb shock; Heat Moldable for the ultimate custom fit; Comfort Form to provide the ultimate in comfort and performance; and Dry Flow to stay lighter, stiffer and dryer from the opening face-off to the final buzzer.
Unlike conventional lightweight skate constructions that break down quickly and loose elasticity, Easton’s skates have a one-piece carbon fiber boot made of the same materials used in Synergy sticks – springing back stride after stride. Easton’s skate resiliency test has been designed to replicate the thousands of strides a player will take over longterm usage.
More than 90 NHL players choose to wear Easton skates, including Brad Richards, Dany Heatley, Daniel Briere and Chris Drury.
Of course, you can’t talk hockey gear without mentioning one of the most respected names in the business, Mission Hockey. They offer some of the most top-notch equipment in the business, for both ice and inline hockey.

This year, Mission is offering their "Fuel" line of skates and pads.
The Fuel AG model is catered towards the speedy, agile hockey player (women too!), featuring concentrated stiffness below the ankle and more forward flex than nearly any other high-end skate. The outer shell is made with a carbon fiber dry core outsole, and has a premium clarino liner in the sole to help with comfort and durability.

By contrast, the Fuel XP model is for players that would rather skate through others than around them. It is built with extra stiffness to give a player a little extra power on their strides, and better balance and support when checking.
The Fuel line also extends to shoulder, elbow and shin pads. The shoulder pad in particular features motorcross-inspired graphics. Its HD foam construction allows for lightweight feel, yet high impact protection.

It also has the Mission exclusive ATL liner with antibacterial and temperature-reducing properties.

Mission also offers the Intake helmet which is worn by more than 170 pro players, and is found in all 30 NHL locker rooms. It features a triple-padded design that uses the unique Mission fit and allows for better air flow and increased protection.
In an effort to preserve their good looks, many players prefer face shield protection with their helmets, which is where ITECH comes into play. ITECH offers the full assortment of shield protection, from the basic wire cage to the different varieties of facial shields. Perhaps the best mix are the Concept II and Concept II deluxe full face shields, which allow you to see the ice better while providing

maximum protection at the same time. Both models are made of a high-impact polycarbonate shield and boast an anti-fog coating, but only the deluxe model includes an anti-scratch coating as well.

ITECH also offers a wide variety of gloves for your player, from the basic HG3300 and 6600 models to the more advanced 8800 and 9900 models.
The 9900 is made of Techlite leather, and is lined with the ICEAIR moisture system and an exhaust vent on the back of the glove for excellent breathability. It also features grip zones on the fingertips, thumb and palm and the innovative Ergo Flex-Lock Thumb that prevents hyperextension.
ITECH is also committed to providing protection to other areas as well, providing NecTech guards and mesh jocks to their selection of lightweight half- and full-body suits, made for men or women.
Other unique gift ideas come from Fury Hockey, which in addition to offering their own personally customized selection of sticks, gloves, pads and pants, also have camouflaged gear bags, stick bags, skate guards, back packs and waist packs.

Fury also offers stick racks, so teams can both organize their sticks and free their bench from clutter. Perfect for those cozy benches that pack players in like sardines!
Perhaps the most unique item, however, is The Ultimate Passer, which allows players to increase hand-eye coordination and develop quick, soft hands for receiving a pass.

For the goalie in your life, check out the completely customized goalie gear from Brian’s Custom Sports Limited. Brian’s offers gear from the youth to the pros that is designed to mold specifically to a goalie’s body.

This year, Brian’s is releasing their brand-new signature "Thief" line, which general manager Don Wickens calls  "the best line" he has ever put together.
Looking for great gear without the hefty price tag? Then be sure to browse the selection at Don Simmons Sports. In addition to featuring a wide assortment of gear from Sherwood, TPS, Koho and Eagle, they offer their own brand of professional goalie equipment.

Having trouble finding pads that fit your unique style? Don Simmons may offer just the thing.
The newest custom Simmons model is the 993 NHL spec, which is a hybrid-style goal pad that offers the stability and rotational qualities of the RBK premier pro with the flexibility and down coverage of the ITECH 11.8. It features an angled upper thigh rise 5 hole adjustment tension strap that alters the degree of 5 hole coverage.
Also new from Don Simmons are the UL3 and M3 NHL specs, as well as the TPS Response 8 and Summit Roloson lines and the Eagle Sentry NHL specs.
For the budget shopper, Don Simmons offers daily super saver, on sale and clearance lines of gear.

Of course, you can’t talk about goalie equipment without mentioning Vaughn, one of the top names in the industry.

Boasting some of the world’s best goaltenders as clients, such as Cam Ward, Kari Lehtonen, Mikka Kiprusoff, and Jussi Markanen, Vaughn has offered fully customizable goalie gear for years.

2006 was a very busy year for the creative department at Vaughn, as they released the VPG Vault, the VPG 3700 Vision, the VPG 800 Junior, the VPG Vault Junior, the VPG 700 Vision and the VPG 500 Epic.

Their Web site offers users a chance to customize the color scheme on their gear for selected models before purchasing.

Looking for something other than gear? Try browsing ChalkTalk offers a wide selection of hockey goods, from T-shirts and hats to scrapbooks and wood frames to jewelry, watches and lamps. ChalkTalk even has products for your pet, including leashes and collars as well as other Hockey Dog products.
ChalkTalk also caters specially to women, offering the Hockey Girl, Hockey Mom, Hockey Sister and Hockey Grandma lines of apparel.

From shirts to sticks, pads to pucks, Center Ice has you covered this Christmas season. 





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