GSV offers tournaments in some of the most popular vacation spots in North America
By Darren Lowry

For many adult hockey players, the prospect of taking a weekend away as a vacation to play hockey seems like a great idea.

For Jim Notman, it was simply natural to combine the two.

Notman, the president of Global Sports Vacations and tournament host, says that he offers vacation packages including hockey tournaments in some of the most popular vacation spots in North America, including Las Vegas, Daytona Beach and Atlantic City.

"They’re well-known vacation spots," Notman said. "Hockey’s only part of the reason that people come. They’ve got to enjoy a vacation out of it too."

He says he has different age and skill divisions, ranging from 21 and up to 50 and up, and from D-league players up to A-league

Regardless of age and skill level, Notman says he makes sure that there are plenty of fun off-ice activities for all players to participate in.

"In Nashville, we include tickets to the Wildhorse Saloon, for example. In Daytona Beach, we have a beach party."

GSV offers free tickets to campers for the world-famous
Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN.
        Photo Illustration by Don Olea

"I try to do as much as I can for them in the way of entertainment as well as the hockey part of it," he added.

Another feature that is certainly a favorite with campers is the offer for free post-game beer.

"That’s always a very popular thing," Notman admits.

Notman, who has been putting on hockey tournaments for 19 years, says that many players choose to bring their wives to the tournament and make it a couple’s getaway.

Notman added that he has also recently added women’s divisions at several of his tournaments due to popular demand.

"They’re just developing. They approached me a few years ago to at least do a division for them, so I’ve started to do them."

Notman says he has a strong personal connection with the South, having played in Nashville and Greensboro in the EHL.


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