Ashburn Xtreme 91’s to host Croatian Team

The Ashburn Xtreme 1991 hockey team will host a team from Croatia April 22-24 for the "Friendship Games". The Croatian visitors include the President and VP of the Ice Hockey Federation of Croatia, a member from the Marketing unit of the Ice Hockey Federation of Croatia, a team physician, two coaches, and twenty 1991 birthyear players. Their visit to DC follows short stays in Chicago , Cleveland , and Pittsburgh . The two teams of 14 year-olds share a birthyear and a love of the sport of ice hockey but have very different backgrounds. The cultural exchange promises to be an enriching experience for all of the teens.

While in the DC area they will play two friendship games (Sat. the 22nd @ 2:15pm and Sun the 23rd @ 7:30am) and will participate in various additional activities including an Amercian family BBQ, sightseeing, and an evening at a Washington Nationals baseball game. (Tickets for this event have been generously donated by Bank of America.) The Croatian Embassy in Washington has invited the youth hockey team to an evening social as well.

Incidentally, in 1991, the year all of these players were born, Croatia declared its independence from Yugoslavia . It took four years of sporadic, often bitter, fighting before occupying Serb armies were mostly cleared from Croatian lands. Under UN supervision, the last Serb-held enclave in eastern Slovenia was returned to Croatia in 1998 ( publications/factbook/geos/hr.html < publications/factbook/geos/hr.html> ).

Please feel free to contact our team coordinator, Mary Ahearn ( ) or myself, Carolyn Lorenzen ( ) for more information or to make arrangements for interviews, etc.


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