2Hot4Ice and Coastal Cup crown their champs
By Jim Davis

Between them, the series with the cute name, 2Hot4Ice, and its older brother, the Coastal Cup, attracted about 200 teams to their season-ending events this spring. Now, add the scores of teams that participated in the ECHO Cup finale over the Fourth of July weekend. Is inline roller hockey flourishing in the South, or what?

Both the 2Hot4Ice and Coastal Cup proprietors say their final events of the 2005-06 season were their best ever. 2Hot4Ice crowned 20 age group and skill level champions at its National Games June 15-19 at Plex Indoor Sports in Columbia, SC the same weekend the Carolina Hurricanes and Edmonton Oilers were playing the final three games of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

“It was our best-ever Nationals, hands down,” says Clay Ladouceur, who launched the forerunner (Atlantic Cup) to the 2Hot4Ice series in 1999. “It was our biggest Nationals and biggest regional qualifiers, too.”

Ladouceur says the addition of a Masters (35U) division, Women’s division and skills competitions for the 8U-16U age groups, coupled with scheduling that condensed the amount of time families would have to be away from home, helped boost team entries to 121 this year.

The Coastal Cup, which held eight qualifying events in 2005-06, also featured skills competitions to go with its 101-game schedule that produced 20 champions May 12-14 at the Dream Sports Center in Raleigh, NC.

Make that 21 champions. The 20 were age group/skill level champs. The 21st – the Central Carolina Hockey program — was proclaimed THE Coastal Cup Champion for having won a higher percentage of its Coastal Cup Championship games than any other program. The CCH is comprised of the Tsunami, Speed and Wildcats teams, which won a combined six division titles. The CCH will get to display the four-foot-tall Coastal Cup Championship trophy for one year.

“Our championships this year were incredible. It was our 10th,” says Coastal Cup founder Jake Plancon. “I played hockey all my life through college in Illinois, then I did the suit and tie thing. I’ve been doing inline for 10 years now, and it keeps getting better.”



2Hot4Ice’s 2006 National Champions
8U AA – Skate Zone Titans
8U A – Ashburn Inferno
10U AAA – Skate Zone Chaos
10U AA – Skate Zone Titans
10U A – Ashburn Inferno
12U AAA – Phat Tape 93s
12U AA – Skate Zone Chaos
12U A – Atlanta Barracudas
14U AAA – Projoy Predators 91
14U AA – Savannah Supergoose
14U A – Sportzone Scorpions
16U Elite – D Young Gunz 90s
16U AAA – Hyper Mulecats
16U AA – Savannah Supergoose
16U A – Charleston Thunder
18U AAA – D Young Gunz
18U AA – Sportzone Scorpions
Women – TMD
Adult – Total Hockey
Masters – Supergeezers

Coastal Cup’s 2006 Champions
8U Gold – DSC Dragons Red
8U Silver – Greensboro Spyders
8U Bronze – Savannah Supergoose
10U Gold – CSP Tsunami Blue
10U Silver – DSC Dragons White
10U Bronze – Savannah Supergoose
12U Platinum – Stampede
12U Gold – Barracudas
12U Silver – Wildcats
12U Bronze -- Speed
14U Platinum – Gwinnett Typhoon
14U Gold – CSP Tsunami White
14U Silver – Speed
14U Bronze – CSP Tsunami Black
16U Gold – DSC Dragons Red
16U Silver – Gwinnett Fury
16U Bronze – Greensboro Spyders
18U Gold – DSC Dragons Red
Vintage Gold – Revenge of the Refs
Vintage Silver – CCH Has Beens
Overall – Central Carolina Hockey



  • With the Hurricanes trying to clinch the Cup in Edmonton and the 2Hot4Ice National Games at their midway point, Saturday, June 17, was Hockey Night in the Carolinas. Ladouceur and the Plex Indoor Sports management set up a TV outside the facility so all the Caniacs among the players and their families could watch Game Six.


  • For those who knew Deebs Young, the remarkable young man and inline standout who died in a vehicle accident on his way home from a 2Hot4Ice event in 2004, the D Young Gunz’s success in Columbia was special. Named after Deebs, D Young Gunz teams won national titles at the 16U Elite and 18U AAA levels. The latter pitted the D Young Gunz against the D Young Gunz 90s in the title game.
  • Coastal Cup emphasizes club programs and non-elite teams. It does so by requiring all players to live within 45 miles of the rink at which their team plays. Three teams were disqualified this season for violating this rule.


  • Ladouceur says 2Hot4Ice will expand to the Southwest next season with regional qualifying events in Tyler, Texas, and Phoenix.


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