We finally got your magazine delivered last Thursday. It is a great magazine, for which we are all grateful, and the boys really got fired up seeing their team pic and reading about the association. It was a big hit, also, with the Fort Bragg Youth Services folks and the House League. Our PeeWees were in Nashville two weekends ago at a MLK tournament. One of their team parents told me he overheard some of the boys from the local team saying, “Oh no, that’s the FireAntz team from the magazine … we’re dead!!!” Well, I don’t know if it helped any, but, after a very disappointing season to date, our PeeWees won the tourney and even beat the favored teams from Georgia and Chicago.  We’ll take anything we can get. Thanks again for everything..

All the best,

Deputy Commander, 43rd Operations Group
Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina

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