Bend Your Knees!

Walk into any rink, anywhere, at anytime, and you will likely hear a hockey parent yelling, “Bend your knees!” It’s universal. Players know that they need a deep knee bend to be fast but knowing that and developing a deep powerful knee bend are two entirely different things.

Solving this very common problem was what inspired professional hockey skating coach Wendy Marco to invent “Force Cords”. “It is so frustrating, not only for coaches but for the skaters too” says Marco. “Most players try to bend their knees, and they often think they are, but they’re usually no where close to as bent as they need to be to produce maximum speed.” She describes a lesson she was teaching almost a decade ago, telling a student, as she had so many students before him, that he needed to bend his knees much deeper if he wanted to go faster. “I remember” she says, “telling him that there must be something out there that would force him and every other player down so they could experience what a true deep knee bend feels like.

” Following that lesson Marco spent months searching sports catalogues, fitness stores, gyms, and websites for equipment that would do this and was surprised to discover that nothing existed. Determined to find something that would work, she made one of her own. Marco says the first proto-type was rough to look at but so effective that it even surprised her. In no time students, parents, and even rink bystanders began asking where they could buy one. That was when, she says, she realized she was onto something.

Flash forward, more than 9 years and as many prototypes later and Force Cords burst onto the hockey scene at the International Hockey Skating Symposium. “Safety was and still is my most important consideration” Marco says. “Even more important than getting the job done, I knew that this equipment would be used with child athletes so I delayed release until I was absolutely certain I had done everything in my power to make it as safe as possible.” With a strong waist belt, the 4 sleeved resistance cords are completely adjustable, they can be moved and re-moved to adapt to specific training goals. Force Cords literally force the skaters to bend their knees out past their toes. From there it works as a resistance trainer, strengthening the skating muscles in the exact order that they are used on the ice. It also helps teach the quick snap recovery.

Upon first sight, international skating coach, and host of Canadian TV show “The Hockey Academy”, Steve Serdachny, snapped up 2 complete team sets of them, half for his European teams and half for his North American players, including the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers. Serdachny is enthusiastic about the effectiveness of the Force Cords and said that his players consistently ask him where they can get their own.

Force Cords are extremely strenuous and are intended for use only by serious players over the age of twelve. Force Cords are not a toy, they are an effective tool that force players down into a deep power position while increasing skating strength and creating a kinetic memory of a quick recovery. Just last month Marco was granted her second of two US patents on the device. Force Cords will likely be distributed sometime this year but right now they can only be purchased at




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