Easton Announces Stealth™ S15 Composite Skates: Hi-Tech, Lightweight And Fastest Growing In NHL
Pros Dany Heatley, Daniel Briere and Brad Richards All Wear Easton’s Newest Composite Skate

In the world of lightweight, high-performance and most technologically-advanced hockey skates, Easton Hockey has the category nailed. The company announced today that the Stealth™ S15 composite skate, already a hit on the ice with NHL players, will be available to consumers in early March 2007. According to Ned Goldsmith, vice president of Easton Hockey, the Stealth S15 is the fastest growing skate in the league thanks to its lightweight design and technologically sophisticated composite materials.

“We’re proud to announce the Stealth S15 as an option for consumers who are seeking an innovative skate backed by many of the guys whose opinion is valued like no other – the pros,” Goldsmith said. “Right for skaters at all levels, the Stealth can transform a game and is poised to become one of the top skates to ever hit the ice.”

The Stealth S15, which at less than 680 grams is 12 percent lighter than its nearest competitor, now holds the title of world's lightest performance skate.  Poised to follow the successful path of the revolutionary Easton Synergy skate, the Stealth S15 draws on Easton's patented bootform technology and features an innovative new Padlock design that locks the heel down, preventing slippage.  A silver texalium composite material makes for a sleek-looking boot, while the Bio-Dri™ Composite foot bed with removable heel lift helps with forward pitch while providing moisture reduction. The Ideal Fit™ molded tongue further helps to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit.

Pro players in the National Hockey League (NHL) are proponents of the Stealth S15 composite skate, including Dany Heatley of the Ottawa Senators, Brad Richards of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Daniel Briere of the Buffalo Sabres.


All-New Stealth™ S11 Glove Adds More Protection, Reduces WeightStealth Series Features New, Consistent Look Across All Models

Easton Hockey, makers of the No. 1 glove in the NHL, is not resting on its laurels. The all-new Stealth S11, Easton’s most protective and comfortable glove, features new technology, added protection and a new look, according to Ned Goldsmith, vice president of Easton Hockey.

“We’re building on the fact that we’re the number one glove in the NHL,” Goldsmith said. “We’re not relying on our reputation.  We’ve made some major advancement in glove development and the S11 is the result of our extensive research.  It’s the next stage in gloves and we’re excited for them to hit the market because players across the nation are going to find the added protection and superior comfort is unmatched.” 

The Stealth S11, using its patented Zero Shock™ technology, is born from a winning pedigree of Easton gloves. This unique molding process – utilized not only in the back rolls and knuckles, but also in the thumb in 2007 – makes the S11 the most protective glove on the market. The professional palm, Nash™ base with black Pittards® overlay, makes for a perfect combination of comfort and grip. Other notable new features include stretch gussets for improved fit and feel, and Easton’s proprietary antibacterial silver Bio-Dri™ liner.

The Stealth series maintains a consistent sleek look across all models with embroidery on the cuff roll, chromed and embossed logos, and newly layered micro-molded accents.  The Stealth series is comprised of the top-of-the-line S11 along with the S9, S7, S6, S5, S4, and S3.  All models will be available in March 2007.  The S11 has a MSRP of $169.


NEW EASTON SYNERGY ELITE STICK TAKES ONE-PIECE CATEGORY TO NEXT LEVELNew Durable Blade Design Results In Ultimate Balance and Higher Performance
Easton Hockey, makers of the No. 1 stick in the NHL, has taken one piece sticks to the next level with its all-new Synergy Elite stick.  With a bladelight design, superior impact durability, and a Kevlar® wrapped shaft, the Synergy Elite is quickly becoming a favorite of NHL superstars such as Detroit Red Wings’ standouts Henrik Zetterberg and Matheiu Schneider, Philadelphia Flyers’ Peter Forsberg, Buffalo Sabres’ Chris Drury, and Anaheim Ducks’ Ryan Getzlaf.  By using a tapered design, which concentrates the materials in the impact zone, it increases performance and durability, according to Ned Goldsmith, vice president of Easton Hockey.
“The Synergy Elite has undoubtedly redefined the one-piece composite category,” Goldsmith said.  “Our research and design teams develop lots of new technologies, but only the best of the best are put to use and the tapered bladelight design is one of them.  With numerous NHL players already jumping on board, the Synergy Elite will continue to make Easton the ‘No. 1 stick in the NHL’”


The Synergy Elite, which has a 125 gram blade and a 395 gram shaft, features a tapered blade design in order to concentrate the materials toward the center.  With the weight focused in the impact zone the blade is more balanced as well as stronger, all resulting in higher performance.  Synergy blades also utilize Easton’s micro-bladder construction for additional strength.  Rounding out the Synergy Elite is its Kevlar wrapped shaft which dampens micro-vibration for improved feel.  The Synergy Elite Grip model features hydrophobic textured GRIP coating for enhanced stick control.

The Synergy Elite is available in 110, 100 and 85 adult flex models and in six varying patterns: Iginla, Sakic, Forsberg, Lidstrom, Drury, and Heatley (Drury pattern not available in 110 flex).   The Synergy Elite Grip is all chrome with red graphics and has a MSRP of $229.  The non-grip is all chrome with blue graphics and has a MSRP of $219.  All models will be available in March 2007.


Easton Apparel Launches New Synergy Performance Collection Easton Hockey Keeps the Athletes in Mind with Their New Collection

Easton Hockey, known for their technologically advanced sports equipment, is releasing the Synergy Performance Collection, a line of apparel designed specifically for hockey players.  In the vast world of sports apparel, Easton distinguishes itself with a collection that meets the needs of hockey athletes, specifically the ability to interact with hockey equipment, according to Ned Goldsmith, vice president of Easton Hockey.

“When developing our apparel we felt we needed to put out a line that caters directly to hockey players,” Goldsmith said. “It’s never been done before until the Synergy Performance Collection.  The form and fit as well as the technology and materials are all made with hockey players in mind.  The comfort and functionality of the line is top-notch and we’re confident players around the world will feel the same.” 


The Synergy Performance Collection is a full line of apparel, from performance socks to shirts, that is in harmony with the athlete. One of the stand-outs within the Synergy Performance Collection is the Compression Series, which consists of long and short sleeve shirts, pants and shorts.  Designed for action, the Compression Series features Grip Tec technology that is strategically used in places to restrict pad movement; this new feature allows for better protection and provides more comfort.  The line also uses 4-way stretch compression with stretch mesh ventilation to ensure a perfectly tight yet breathable mold around the athlete.

Continuing in the theme of comfort and performance, the Loose Fit line utilizes Bio-Dri™ fabric to wick away moisture, keeping athletes dry and light.  The Loose Fit line also uses Stretch Mesh panel for more ventilation and Flatlock seams for reduce chafing and skin irritation.

The Synergy Performance Collection will be available in March 2007.


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